Most of the games on this page won't play in your browser any more. Here are some you can still play, because they are not Flash games:
Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition
Welcome to Frog Fractions. You will learn all about fractions!
Frog Fractions 2
It's out there, somewhere.
Gunhouse is a pretty cool puzzle orphan-rescuer for phones, PS4, Switch, PC, &c. I did design and programming work on it.
The Mystery of Skull Island
A dating sim in which you play a UN-functionary trying to seduce a Bond villain.
Prodly the Puffin
A surrealist text adventure I wrote with Craig Timpany many years ago. If you haven't played text adventures before, you will probably not get anywhere in this game without reading Zarf's Guide to IF.
Basil's Adventure
A tiny exploration platformer I made for my wife one Christmas.
Half-Life Epistle 3
I made Half-Life 3! (So did a bunch of other teams.)
And here are the games you probably can't play any more:

Web Games

Frog Fractions -- winner of Giant Bomb's URL of the Year award and IGF Nuovo honorable mention.

Welcome to Frog Fractions. You will learn all about fractions!
"Every accomplishment I do is outweighed by the need to do more. And my mistakes never go away, they just glare at me forever, even though they're small and meaningless. There's not even points. It just gets harder to see and slower to get things done until finally you don't want to go on."
-Patrick Newnan
Desert Hike EX -- winner of SFIGJam Excellence in Narrative.
You and your coworkers just finished your IPO! Rolling in cash, you decide to attend Burning Man. However, unscrupulous bandits at the burn steal your car and drive away, with all your Bitcoins in the back seat! With only the backup Bitcoins you kept in your sock, you're going to have to hike all the way back to San Francisco.
Kickstarter Simulator 2015
We've had so much fun running the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter that we made an autobiographical game about running Kickstarters!
Huggy Bear.
Brian and I cooked this up for Molyjam 2012. It is about a teddy bear facing a moral dilemma.
The Asshole Game.
Lots of games judge your character using stark and obvious ethical questions, but how many let you then turn around and pass judgement on your friends? Go play the thing, then read about it.
Skirt Quest.
This is a survival horror game set in 7th grade. To get through the school day without having a nervous breakdown, you must impress your peers by matching their skirt lengths. Watch out for the popular girls because their opinion is very influential!

Games I've worked on that exist elsewhere

"You got the girl. Now it's five years later, your marriage is falling apart, and you've come to realize you know nothing about her. In order to save your marriage, you'll have to discover what traits you share in common, and select dates that make both of you happy -- or at least minimize your misery."

I built the dating mini games. Pro-tip: all the dating mini games use the arrow keys as input.

Winter Vacation Story
Winter Vacation Story is a co-op survival game for PC, set in the Alaskan wilderness. Play alone or with up to three friends!
Celebrities in Prison
A user-written work of Interactive Fiction. From the site: "Imagine reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, except the author never bothered writing any endings, and left a bunch of blank pages for you to write bits, and the book is lying on the couch in your dorm so anyone can add to it. It's sort of like that, except on the Internet. So you don't have to go back to college to participate."

Jam games/prototypes

Futility Pong.
What if Pong had spoilers? Find out inside!
Pumpkin Carver Pro
Carve a great pumpkin in just ten seconds! Made in zero hours.
Rubbery Racers
I made Rubbery Racers for 2013's 0-hour game jam. Rubbery Racers is a game that explores the ramifications of rubber band racing AI.
The Kid and The Kid: Origins
Two player co-op. You get more points the closer the life meter is to the left or the right, but don't let it fill up entirely!
Hot Dachshund
Hot Dog! Doo doo doo doot doot doo, doot doo doot doo...
Frog Infarctions
A 0-hour game. Analog nibbles plus infarctions.
The Kid and the Kid: Teal Alert
A 0-hour game. A co-op test of asymmetrical controls. One player moves and fires with the arrow keys and the other moves and fires with the mouse.
Heavy Metal Princesses
A follow-up of sorts to The Kid and the Kid, this gives the players goals to protect, and gives the keyboard player a force-field rather than a gun.
Clockwise Carburetors
A four-player, one-button racing game inspired by Super Sprint.
Pogo Grapple Racecars: Tokyo Drift
A four-player, one-button racing game in which you struggle with abstruse control schemes.
Pogo Grapple Murderers
A fusion of Clockwise Carburetors and Pogo Grapple Racecars, in which two of you are racing and two of you are trying to murder the racers.
Just Murderers: Havana Nights
Take the racing out of the equation, leaving just murdering, and add in a bunch of varyingly useful control schemes.