Zero Hour Jams

I've taken part in the 0-hour game jam for five years in a row now, and I'm pretty proud of each year's results. Here's a brag listicle!
  • 2011: The Kid and The Kid: Teal Alert, an asymmetrical co-op arena shooter.
  • 2012: Frog Infarctions, a nibbles variant with analog movement and bullet dodging.
  • 2013: Rubbery Racers, a top-down racer with literal "rubber-band" racing AI.
  • 2014: Madden Crusader, in which the word of God directs the Indianapolis Colts to retrieve the holy grail from its resting place in Iran.
  • 2015: Pumpkin Carver Pro, in which you too can carve artistically challenging pumpkins with just the press of a button!